Baseball USA
(To the tune of "Sweet Little Sixteen" or "Surfin' USA")

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Every baseball fan is happy
Across the USA
Especially those in Arizona
And down in F L A
They're sittin' out in the sunshine
To watch their heroes play
Another season's gonna start soon
Baseball USA

And you can smell the horsehide
And hear the crack of the bat
See the shortstop make a great throw
There's no denying that
They're gettin' ready for summer
To thrill us every day
All the players gettin' ready
For Baseball USA

Soon they'll be playing in Boston
And in Chicago too
In Cincinnati and Houston,
KC and old St. Lou
All the way from the Big Apple
To Oakland by the bay,
Everybody will be cheering
Baseball USA

And we'll arrive in trains and buses
Or drive on down the pike
To see McGwire hit a home run
Or Kerry Wood throw strikes
To see a shortstop like Ordonez
Or Vizquel make a play
We'll be cheerin' for the home team
Baseball USA

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March 2, 1999: This song expresses the joy that baseball fans everywhere feel when spring training has arrived. Can the regular season be far behind?

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