The Belle of Silence
(To the tune of Sounds of Silence)

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Baseball fans from everywhere
I have some news that I must share
After arriving with a new outlook
We get the story from the same old book
On bad days or when he goes four for four
He'll speak no more
He is the Belle of Silence

Off the field and up the stairs
And in the clubhouse he threw chairs
Because the umpire called a Strike three-oh
On a pitch that he thought might be low
And when the shouting and the raving all was done
He was the one
We call the Belle of Silence

Someday when things may turn around
He'll want to grace us with his sound
He'll want to tell us of a new morning
But we will leave him with a cold warning
"You didn't want to speak to us before
So say no more
You are the Belle of Silence."

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March 14, 1999: Albert Belle signed a contract with Baltimore after the 1998 season and promised to be media friendly. That lasted until his first bad spring training game. Albert stopped talking. Fine. When he starts again, we won't listen.

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