(To the tune of Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town)

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You've sat and bit your lip and not complained about your place
Erubiel, you took your spot as backup to Mark Grace
But then a freaky muscle pull says Grace is going down
E-ru-bi-el, just hit one out of town

The Diamondbacks were trying hard to win the NL crown
But they still needed one big hit to put Atlanta down
And yes, it's true the ĎZona bench gets some time to play
E-ru-bi-el, please hit one out today

It's hard to like a team that has a guy like Chipper Jones
And even though John Rockerís gone their fans are Rocker clones
Just swing the bat and win the game and they wonít be around
E-ru-bi-el, just hit one out of town

He grabs his bat and leaves the dugout, heading for the plate
He stares out at Tom Glavine and he hopes to seal his fate
The pitch is thrown, Durazo swings, the fans donít make a sound
E-ru-bi-el, just hit one out of town
E-ru-bi-el, the tomahawks are down

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October 23, 2001: Erubiel Durazo's home run off Tom Glavine in Game 5 of the 2001 National League Championship Series provided the margin of victory and propelled the Diamondbacks into the World Series.

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