(I Know) They're Losing Too
(To the tune of (I Know) I'm Losing You)

I could not find a midi file for the wonderful tune (I Know) I'm Losing You by the fabulous Temptations. If anyone can locate the file, please e-mail me with the infromation.

The Cubs are fading, I can see them fading
Playoffs fading away from them.
Cause Alou, Alou has grown cold,
And Sammy plays like he's growin' old.
They've fooled the fans long as they can
Can see they're looking like an also ran.

It's there when they play the game,
It's just not the same,
Ooh Cubbies, they're losing too.
It's in the air,
it's everywhere,
Ooh Cubbies, they're losing too.
Losing too

When the fans at Wrigley Field,
Are looking at their team they see.
They're hurtin', downhearted and worried now,
"Cause the team's losing six to three.

They're no longer in the race,
Houston's taken their place,
Ooh, ooh, Cubbies, they're losing too.
They lost all their pride
And they can't stop their slide,
Ooh I can tell they're losing too.
Losing too

Oh they're gonna lose too.

(Instrumental and background vocal interlude)

Ooh, they swing and they miss
They don't get any hits,
Ooh Cub fans, they're losing too.
Man, I can feel it in my bones
Any day they'll be gone,
Ooh Cubbies, they're losing too.
Oh my dear,
They have to wait till next year
Ooh Cubbies, they're losing too.
(fade out lyrics)
We know it's true,
Billy goat's out there too,

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October 2, 2004: On September 25, 2004, the Cubs held the lead for the National League wild card. They had a 3-0 lead over the Mets with 2 out and the 9th inning, when a recently called-up rookie named Victor Diaz hit a three run homer. They lost the game in the 11th when another recently called-up rookie named Craig Brazell hit a homer. They proceeded to lose 5 out of the next 6, and by the end of the day on October 1, they were 2 games behind by the Giants and Astros with 2 games to play. Only a miracle will put the Cubs into the post-season.

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