No Spanish Harlem
(To the tune of Spanish Harlem)

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He doesn't come from Spanish Harlem
Don't think he's happy on our island
It is cause for alarm, he has no Latin charm
And on a double play, he runs away from harm
And all Shea fans are screaming
With the GM named Steve, he's caused the fans to grieve
He's no All-Star, he's leaving

There's Alomar, Mo Vaughn and Mando
Some gotta go pregunto cuando
Some guy in triple A might take his job and play
Aggressive second base and that will make my day
Specially if he's hitting
Send Alomar away and get Mo out of Shea
I'm not kidding

(Instrumental Interlude)

Send Alomar away and get Mo out of Shea
I'm not kidding

(Repeat and Fade:)
He doesn't hail from Spanish Harlem
La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la-la

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June 12, 2003: Steve Phillips was fired today as the general manager of the New York Mets. Many of the veteran players that he brought in are either injured, or playing far below their expected capabilities. The main culprit appears to be Roberto Alomar, who looks like he just doesn't care. My friend Sylvia had the inspiration for this song, and wrote the bulk of it, and allowed me to finish it and put it on the website. It was actually written before Phillips was canned. Great job, Syl! As usual.

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