Powerre Alley
(To the tune of Creeque Alley)

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Please check out Tom Scanlon's Sammy Sosa (I'm in Love with Baseball Now). I think you'll enjoy it.

Mac and Sammy
From LA to Miami
Hitting homers in the year ninety eight
Mac hit plenty
Ended up with seventy
And Sam had sixty six leave the plate
In the Kingdome, Junior Griffey sat
Launching fifty six from his mighty bat
Sosa and McGwire
Hittin' ever higher
Impressing even Whitey the rat
And no one really cared what happened after that

Mac said to Sammy
Hey you can really wham-my
When you hit 'em to Waveland Avenue (nice goin' Sam)
But Sammy said "Mark
Man, when yours leave the park
Nobody hits em harder than you."
In Seattle Junior Griffey sat (now at Safeco)
Helping Lou Piniella with glove and bat
Sosa and McGwire
Just catchin' fire
And wishing well to Andres the Cat
But this year people care what happens after that

The heat in August
Makes the days the doggiest
But Mac and Sam are hitting again
Both over fifty
Doesn't it look nifty
For them to reach sixty and ten
But this year has some interesting races
Unless certain teams just fall on their faces
Sosa and McGwire
Lift their numbers higher
And that's what they are aimin' at
But people gonna care about the pennant races after that.

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September 1, 1999: In 1998, there was an incredible race to set the all-time single season home run record between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. In 1999 they were at it again.

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