The All-Star Game’s A Playing
(Sung to the tune of "The Times They Are A-Changing")

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Come all the great players across this great land
And head out to Boston to play for the fans
So ring on the bell, now and strike up the band
And your talents, we'll be praising
Then hustle on out there and do what you can
For the All Star Game's a playing

Sportswriters and critics and guys on TV
Will be there and write about all that they see
They'll write about homers and talk of strike three
And on the Internet, we'll be web-paging
For yesterday's goat is a hero to be
For the All Star Game's a playing

Come owners and umpires, please heed the call
Don't muck up the game and don't let darkness fall
With labor disputes that will make the game crawl
And stop your silly braying
Just shut up your mouths and watch Griff hit the ball
For the All Star Game's a playing

Come football and basketball fans everywhere
Get up from your doldrums get out of your chair
And come watch some baseball and get some fresh air
And I'm sure you won't be dismaying
And watch a great curve ball start here and end there
For the All Star Game's a playing

The baselines are drawn and the anthem is done
The batters are trying to hit a home run
The fans are all cheering. The storyline's spun
The crowd is really swaying
So come watch the ballgame, and go have some fun
For the All Star Game's a playing

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July 12, 1999:A break in the regular season in mid-July gives the fans a chance to watch many of the stars of the game gather in one place for the Midsummer classic. As much as baseball changes, some of it remains the same. The contrast is explored using this song by Bob Dylan. This song was written when the All-Star game was about to be played in Fenway Park.

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