Mad Baseball Hatter
(To the tune of White Rabbit)

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Information about the song

Disclaimer: The John Henry referred to in the song is Ted Williams' idiot son, John Henry Williams. Please do not confuse him with John Henry, the idiot owner of the Red Sox.

John Henry wants him frozen
His daughter wants him burned
But when he spoke of hitting
People listened and they learned
Go ask Yaz-man, when Ted got him turned

And if you've been watching baseball
There will be none this fall
When George spends all his money
Like a housewife at the mall
And blames Selig, who is three feet tall

When the men on the diamond get up and say they will not play
And you've just watched indoor soccer, because there's no ball game today
Teddy Ballgame, what would he say?

When Selig and the owners claim their ink has all turned red
And a walkout is getting closer, and a strike date's all but set
Remember what John Henry said
Freeze his head, freeze his head.

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July 26, 2002: The passing of Ted Williams, and the subsequent dispute among his children of what to do with his remains, in its own bizarre way points out the lunacy going on in baseball over the labor agreement and revenue sharing. The group Jefferson Airplane had a big hit with this song in 1967. They reemerged as Jefferson Starship and had hits in 1975. They later changed their name to Starship and had hits in 1986. In all three of these years, the Red Sox lost the World Series in 7 games.

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