Puerto Rico
(To the tune of I Left My Heart in San Francisco)

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Information about the song

My friend, Sylvia, came up with the idea and wrote this song. My role was simply as an editor and to suggest a few changes, which she graciously agreed to. This is her third appearance on this website and the songs keep getting better. Please let her know how talented she is.

The loveliness of Flushing
Seems somehow mighty grey
Art's smile is almost gone
And wonders who's to blame
Shea is suddenly alone
There's no ballpark in Manhattan
And Fonzie's gone
To the city by the Bay.

Mets lost four games, in Puerto Rico
Benitez blew ninth inning leads
The starters got no run support
Piazza's drives fell short
Just look at Howe, fixed empty stare
Do they care?

The Mets played there, in Puerto Rico
Robinson's 'Spos, we couldn't beat
We're glad to leave your park, Puerto Rico
Our Flushing home will help us win.

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April 18, 2003: info

From April 11-14, 2003, the Mets and Expos played 4 games in Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. These were the first of 22 games to played there by the Expos in 2003. The Mets lost all four games, despite having an excellent chance to win 3 of them. My good friend, Sylvia, contributed this number for my website.

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