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When the Boomer pulled his caper
Said our fans stink in the paper
So I called up Kenny Williams
And sent the Boomer to the Sox

And they gave us Mike Sirotka
So we sent him to the doctor
The doctor didn't find much wrong there
Till they examined him again

So I called Williams in frustration
And demanded compensation
He said, "You had your chance the first time
You get nothing more, my friend."

Mister Selig, listen to me
I've a right to one more man, sir
Please don't deny me
Just 'cause I'm (big finish) AN ASH!

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February 18, 2001: This was written as the Blue Jays were seeking additional compensation in the David Wells-Mike Sirotka Deal. This song is how Blue Jays' GM Gord Ash would appeal to the Commissioner's office if he were Elvis Presley.

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