Mando Cuando
(To the tune of Cuando Cuando Cuando)

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Information about the song

My friend, Sylvia, wrote this song. I think the blend of Spanish and English is incredible. I thank her for allowing to display her talents on my web page. Please let her know how talented she is.

Dime cuando tu te vas
Dime Mando, cuando, cuando
Mets fans telling you no mas
No mas blown saves in the ninth

Madre mia Mando has
Blown our leads giving up long balls
Basta Mando go and pack
No mas blown saves in the ninth

Your fastball can explode in high nineties or more
But the saves that you blow soon will have you out the door.

In the Past you were the Man
Mucho Mando cuando y cuando
But this season all we ask
Don't bring Mando to the ninth.

(Repeat entire song)

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April 22, 2003: In the first three weeks of the season, Armando Benitez has managed to blow four save opportunities. My buddy, Richie, had an idea for this song, and my friend Sylvia ran with it and wrote it in record time. I'm simply a conduit for other people's ideas and talent.

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