Yanks Rotation
(To the tune of My Generation)

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The fans are ticked 'cause they're not w-w-winning... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
Six runs in, in every f-f-first inning.... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
Randy Johnson's on the D-D-D.L.... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
For a Chinese guy whose name I can't spell... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)

It's a bad rotation...
It's an awful rotation, baby...

Trying to keep his s-s-sinker down (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
It just won't work for Kevin Brown (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
Say it's because the weather's c-c-cold (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
Too late to die before he gets old (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)

It's a crappy rotation...
A pathetic rotation, baby....

(Instrumental interlude)

It's hard enough to survive that bull-p-p-pen... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
Try getting through three with a guy like S-S-Sean Henn... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
I'm not talkin' bout Jaret Wright's medical ex-ex-examination... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
I'm just talking 'bout the Yankees' bloody b-b-b-b-bad rotation... (Talkin' bout the Yanks' rotation)

What a sad rotation...
A putrid rotation, baby...

Carl Pavano and Mike M-M-Mussina... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
You might get fifteen wins between ya.... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
You're in last place, but at least you're r-r-r-r-r-ich... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)
Can Steinbrenner's horses learn to p-p-pitch?... (Talkin' 'bout the Yanks' rotation)

An expensive rotation...
A real bad rotation, baby...

(Instrumental finish with scattering of the words Bad rotation spread throughout)

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May 8, 2005: My friend Vee gets great pleasure when the Yankees lose. Their pitching staff is ins shambles. Two rookie starters made their major league debut for the Yankees in the same week. And these guys look as forgettable as the last time this happened in 1991. I'm sure you all remember Wade Taylor and Jeff Johnson. So, it is with great pleasure, I present Vee's tribute to The Who and the geniuses that traded for Kevin Brown and signed Jaret Wright. This is the third of three songs by three different authors that are posted to my page at the same time.

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